100% Pure New Zealand, why you need filter?

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Travelling around middle earth is one of my wish list and yeah its done! (NOT YET!) My friends (Ajiq,Jpah,Mustakim) and I went there for around two weeks. The idea came from Jpah (who study in Wellington) asked me around one and half years ago, “why not you come to New Zealand while I still studying there?”

To make it short, we arrived (almost miss our flight at Changi Airport, thank god we’re not!) at Auckland on May 8, 2014. The next day we rent a car, for about 5 days and travelling around the north Island.  From Auckland to Mount Taranaki, Tongariro National Park, Lake Taupo, back to Auckland. Unfortunately we had to make detour because our rental car was broken into.  The original plan was to go to Rotorua but because of the unfortunate events occurred, we have to cancel it. Always remember that there is no safe place on earth although you are in the most safest country in the world! Then we took a bus and went to Wellington for Jpah’s graduation ceremony.

After Wellington, we took a domestic flight to go to the south Island. On May 16, we arrived at Christchurch Airport and again rent a car. From Christchurch we went Pioneer park and set up a tent there for one night. The next day we continue our journey, and went to the Lake Pukaki, Lake Wanaka and Queenstown. Once again luck was not on our side, it was raining all day long thus we had to cancel our plan to tramping at Ben Lomond and Routeburn track. Tramping turns to road trip. We continue our journey to Invercagill, (almost south of New Zealand) luckily we found two Malaysians there. After Invercagill then Dunedin.

After all, it was an exciting trip. For me it was a trip to find a solitude, because mostly I was hypnotized by the unique heaven-like nature architecture of New Zealand that nowhere can be found on earth. At night, I was completely lost when gazing millions of stars above my head. InsyaAllah, I will go again someday.

So I end up this with a beautiful piece of writing from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Mengapa pujianku pada Allah membumbung tinggi?

Mengapa pujianku pada Allah membumbung tinggi?

Kerana dia memisahkan penderitaan dari pengetahuan

Kalaulah pesakit mengetahui apa yang diketahui oleh tabib

Pastilah ia akan berputus asa.


p/s: maybe this is the only post with lots of words. Haha 😀 If you like some “outdoor” pictures of us, do visit ajiq’s Tumblr ( delusionaliam.tumblr.com ) . And just type #FOTRbackpacking in Instagram and you’ll find lots of pictures too 🙂