Mampus Kau Dikoyak-koyak Sepi

What is it like to live in a foreign land without knowing anyone? There was no uncle, there were no parents that paved your ways. Amongst the celebrated poets in Indonesia, Chairil Anwar once wrote ‘Mampus kau dikoyak-koyak sepi’ / ‘Die devastated by loneliness’ (translated by A. H. Johns). What I like about the quote is that it gave you kind of stuck and stagnant feeling at some point you are uncertain about your decisions. Living in a new place, eating new foods and meeting new friends, however can’t make you escape of experiencing loneliness. Most of the time loneliness gave me time to keep me thinking about relevant questions. From that I try to visualize it through my lens.

This is ongoing project, my personal documentation about what I saw, feel and heard of loneliness.

music : A Cerulean State – Why Can’t You See Me


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